Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Podcast That Almost Was Part 2: We're Getting Better.

Round 2 of the still-untitled movie podcast seemed like a huge success at first listen. The initial technical issues were resolved in mere moments, and the amount of beer consumed was good enough to give you a buzz, but not enough to completely embarrass you. Brad and I sat down and did some initial sound tests -- everything sounded great, and it appeared like everything was going to run smoothly.

There was just one problem: I couldn't figure out how to listen to the audio while we were recording. For some reason the software I was using, Sonar X1 LE, did not want to cooperate with me when it came to using headphones. I didn't have too much time to monkey with it because it was getting late, and all sound tests seemed just fine. Our levels were good -- so, it was time to roll.

Brad preparing for audio glory.
I was forced to use Sonar (which really is easy to use, I don't mean to knock it too much) because it is the only audio software that easily allowed the usage of two USB mics, at least for those of us without equipment or a budget. Remember that I am essentially recording all of this on a laptop, with the only other equipment being headphones and mics. 

I know it may seem completely silly to try and record anything without being able to listen in to the audio as it's happening, but it's hard for Brad and I to get together, and this really is all a trial-and-error project at this point.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Xbox 360 Review: Star Trek: The Game

All the right elements are in place for Star Trek: The Game to be a smash hit: we have the cast from the Abram’s films voicing their respective roles, the movie’s epic soundtrack, and Unreal developer Digital Extremes responsible for boldly sending the crew of the Enterprise where no game has gone before. Sadly, this game is going where every movie tie-in title seems to go – into the bottom of the bargain bin. Despite what seems like a recipe for success, Star Trek: The Game is a colossal failure. Whether it’s the ugly graphics, the numerous glitches, or the repetitive gameplay that finally does you in, it’s nearly a guarantee you will be begging to beamed as far away from it as possible before the end.

Borrowing gameplay from Mass Effect and Army of Two, Star Trek is a third-person shooter featuring co-op play between Kirk and Spock. There’s a whole lot of cover-based shooting, an RPG-style upgrade system, and tons of heavy doors that you and a partner will have to open together. There isn’t much here that’s original, but Star Trek could have been an enjoyable game if it wasn’t for all the technical issues and poor design choices.

This is one of the buggiest titles I have ever played, and the glitches never seem to let up from beginning to end. I’ve been stuck in walls, enemies have forgotten to attack me, I died from falling for no reason, doors refused to open, and my phaser often had no effect on what I was blasting. The numerous flaws not only make for a frustrating experience, but they can actually render the game completely unplayable at times.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

It May Be Time For South Park to Call it Quits...

Once one of the most socially relevant shows on television, South Park is in decline -- it may be time to put it to rest. 

The Podcast That Almost Was (and will be again)


Everything you need to podcast from home!

I love talking to people. If I could ever find a job that involved me talking all day, I'd probably actually be able to finally take some satisfaction from existing. I did a little bit of college radio in my day, and I would love to do some radio again. But most of my classwork experience was focused around video, photography, and writing -- I think at the time I just enjoyed those forms of media a little but more, so radio became more of an extracurricular activity.

That being said, I've had training using all sorts of audio equipment and, at one time, I considered myself to be a beast of knowledge when it came to the technical side of radio. I had produced some radio shows in the past. So, producing a podcast with a friend? That had to be easy! I just say a few words into a microphone, argue with a friend for a little bit, set up an RSS feed -- and bam! We've created some audio genius to spread to rest of the world.

Sadly, things did not exactly go as planned, which tends to be the case whenever taking on some new media venture. I've learned from making films in the past that something will absolutely always go wrong, and I left myself some extra time in my schedule to work out the kinks before recording.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fantastic Modern Comedies You May Have Missed

When it comes to comedy movies, the box office is largely dominated by total crap. For every gem like 40 Year Old Virgin, there are several Scary Movie 4's that assure comedy will never be respected by the elite movie crowd, who are hard enough to sell laughs to in the first place.

If you're the kind of person who is looking for smart comedies that (probably) never made it to a theatre near you, here's a short list of great overlooked films that you owe it to yourself to see.