Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: The Beaver (2011)

"Depression is the inability to find a future." This quote credited to American psychologist Rollo May seems to make a whole lot of sense when  looking at The Beaver, a film about the unique effects depression has on one family.  

Walter Black (Mel Gibson) is a toymaker suffering from a deep depression that has left his business and family in ruins. His wife, Meredith (Jodie Foster), has asked him to leave the house until he finds help for his condition. His oldest son, Porter (Anton Yelchin), hates him so much that he has resorted to smashing his head on the wall, just to forget about the similarities he and his dad share.

Walter has tried therapy and medication, but nothing can break him out of his funk. Walter's greatest fear has been realized: he has become his father, except that his father was at least a successful businessman. Seeing no other options left, he unsuccessfully attempts suicide, only to find himself passed out in a hotel room with a shower curtain rod attached to his necktie.

When Walter wakes up, he finds himself face-to-face with a beaver hand puppet promising him a new life. Walter adopts this persona, only to find that his business begins to thrive. Even life with his family suddenly improves, as Walter Black takes on the role of the Beaver, leaving his old identity behind.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Movie Stills!

Here's a collection of some of my movie still photography. These are all from various college projects.

Special thanks to C & L for being extremely patient while I worked on my lighting skills.

Lighting Project, a set on Flickr.

Documentary Stills, a set on Flickr.

Original Movie Stills, a set on Flickr.